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As we know, in the PotT series, there are two prime universes. The Human Universe (HU) and Element Universe (EU). And, as we also know, there are two primary home planets. In the HU is Earth, the planet we live on. But I’ve spent a long time looking for a name for a name for the Homeland Earth (Where all of the canon PotT stories that occur in the EU take place) and one for the Database Earth (Where some of the non-canon/4th wall breaking/backstory PoT stories that occur in the EU take place).


NOTE: The three official languages of the Element Universe’s world are English, Arabic and Latin.


Here are my finalized decisions:


Homeland Earth - Donecmunium (from ‘Donec Mundi’, Chemical World. - Latin)

Capital City - Elementropolis (This is self-explanatory)


Alkali Metal Continent - Quentiumida (From ‘Quentiam Umida’, ‘Dank Meme’ - Latin)

Alkaline Earth Metal Continent - Ostendarminum (From ‘Carmina Ostende’, ‘Fireworks Show’ - Latin)

Transition Metal Continent - Imperatesta (From ‘Imperfectum Testa’, ‘Imperfect Shell’ - Latin)

Icosagen Continent - Virdiflama (From ‘Viridi Flamma’, ‘Green Flame’ - Latin)

Crystallogen Continent - Cibositum (From ‘Depositum Cibus’, ‘Nutrient Deposit’ - Latin)

Pnictogen Continent -  Minaxuprem (From ‘Minax Supremus’, ‘Menacingly Above’ - Latin)

Chalcogen Continent - Alamdol (From ‘Alam Dolor’, ‘Oxygen Squadron’ - Latin)

Halogen Continent - Salitoxus (From ‘Toxicus Salis’, ‘Toxic Salt’ - Latin)

Aerogen Continent - Luxiner (From ‘Iners Lux’, ‘Inert Light’ - Latin)

Lanthanide Continent - Fustrarum (From ‘Frustra Rarum’, ‘Useless Rarity’ - Latin)

Actinide Contient - Atermena (From ‘Ater Menace’, Malicious Menace - Latin)


Database Earth - Albaya (From ‘Albayanat’, ‘Database’ - Arabic)

Floating File Island Thingy - Mualmilaf (From Almilaffat  Mueallaq’, ‘Suspended Files’ - Arabic)
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