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Neofito is now Napoleon.

Fermi Enric is now Fariha Entriken.

I'll have to change their designs now.
Happy Mothers' Day, 2017!
The pencil drawings that I just uploaded today are old art... I drew all of them in March. XD 
Aries to Virgo 

SIZE CODE: Figure 1|male|167.6_Figure 2|male|195.6_Figure 3|male|165.1_Figure 4|male|167.6_Figure 5|male|175.3_Figure 6|female|182.9

Libra to Pisces 

SIZE CODE: Figure 1|female|170.2_Figure 2|female|172.7_Figure 3|male|177.8_Figure 4|male|213.4_Figure 5|female|193.0_Figure 6|female|154.9
Turns out, Sulfur plays a bigger role in the manufacturing of erasers than I originally thought!

I was tagged by :iconpebbleoakpine: PebbleOakPine!

- Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
- Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged.
- Don't say "You're tagged if you read this."
- It is forbidden not to tag anyone. Guys please have some fun and join me <33 !!
- No tagging back.

1.) On a scale of 1-10 (1 being snail and 10 being holy mother of fireheart) How quick did trump release his missiles?

5… or 6.

2.) Opinion on Britain, it's new grading system 1-9 and Brexit.

I’m very partial to Britain. I don’t have much of an opinion on its grading system, since I don’t live there, and I don’t have a strong opinion on Brexit, either.

3.) Mkay, I'll stop getting all political as hell. What do you think of the idea of veganism ?

If you’re vegan, that’s cool. If you’re not, that’s cool too.

4.) What is your opinion on me?

I like your art, that’s for sure!

5.) Opinion on Dinosaurs and Paleontology.

I used to have an obsession, but I’ve lost interest. :(

6.) Have you ever seen Terra Nova or the land before time? Look into them <3

I’ll be sure to!

7.) Have you seen the HBO show, Game of Thrones. Opinion on it.

No, I don’t watch it regularly, nor am I a die-hard fan, but I will say that based on reviews, it wouldn’t be my kind of show.

8.) If you had to kill of one (good not evil) warrior's character who would it be and why?

I don’t know much about Warriors… whatever that may be. If we’re talking about the cats, I still don’t know.  I’m sorry.
9.) What are these meme's about spaghetti?

I don’t know… I wasn’t even aware that spaghetti memes were even that popular.

10.) What do you think I look like? (Hair, eyes, gender, skin tone, clothes etc.)

I think you look like a human being. Honestly, the rest is a bit above me.

11.) Do you have a hidden talent?

Yes. It’s called


12.) What's your one favourite thing about where you live?

Probably the beauty and solitude… also the serenity of nature. ^_^

13.) What is your favourite OC

I don’t know, I have so many OCs I love! But if I had to choose absolutely one, I’d choose Ailith.

Your 13 Questions:

1) What is your opinion on Donald Trump?

2) Who is your favorite OC? (Out of your own characters)

3) Who is your favorite OC? (Out of my characters)

4) Do you do any sports/other physical activities?

5) Do you like getting tagged?

6) What is/are your favorite color(s)?

7) Do you have a favorite movie/musical?

8) Have you ever been to the opera?

9) Do you ship any of your characters? If so, who, and why?

10) What do(es) your guardian(s) think of your art?

11) Do you have a favorite song? If so, why?

12) Do use a mouse or trackpad?

13) What is your favorite drawing program/app?


Changing Aktinovolos's height to 5'5". 
The elements' middle name(s) is/are the name(s) their parent(s) on Earth gave them. 
Since Ruthenium is used in solar cells, I plan to include them in her final design. 
He's a legal citizen of France, living in the French part of the Basque Country.
VANAE: Um, Err... I-I'm a valkyrie. Don't make fun of me, I'm serious. 

IRVINE: That's cool! You know, I'm a messenger to Mt. Olympus. 

VANAE: So, um, this means we have something in common?

IRVINE: Uh, yes! We're messengers. Mercurius is in the club, too. 

VANAE: So the three of us are friends then?

IRVINE: Definitely! 
1. She secretly needs glasses, but is too afraid to wear them in public for fear that they make her look 'nerdy'. (Because Lithium can be used in optics).

2. She's the shortest character in Periodically on the Table, at 4'11".

3. She's Trinidadian by nationality, but is ethnically half Vietnamese. 

4. She rages a bit too often. I take that back. Way too often. 

5. She's bilingual, and speaks English as well as Spanish. 

6. On Earth, Ailith works at a fast food place. 

7. She used to date Beryl, but they broke up after Beryl wouldn't stop watching videos of cute cats. 

8. An alternate timeline exists that tells the story of Alith and her adventures with her two children. It's called the Ailithverse.

9. Ailith, despite her immaturity, is the third most powerful being in all of Periodically on the Table. 

10. Ailith is convinced that the Earth is flat. 
Irino is half Pakistani, half Jordanian. The ancient civilizations of Jordan were first to use Iron tools. 
1. If she doesn't understand something, she automatically hates it. 

2. She's half Polish and half Chinese.

3. Her surname is derived from the Polish word for 'thorn'. 

4. She works on a space station.

5. She has a horrible relationship with the other chalcogens.

6. There are rumors that she and Phonsia are dating, but Polina denies such claims.

7. Her nickname is 'Poison Oak', much to her disliking. 

8. She thinks of the Period 7 elements as her younger siblings. 

9. She's a big fan of tea. 

10. She's actually dating Radomira. 
Cited from here: (…)

Since not everything stated in the article may be accurate, as it was not written by a credible individual, I'd like the reader to keep in mind that this is for fictional purposes. 


The reason Manos wears what he does ( Manganese Chibi by Alpenglow-Sunset), while Stronek wears what he does ( Strontium Chibi by Alpenglow-Sunset) is because Manos is of 'lowlander' Scottish ancestry, while Stronek is of 'highlander' Scottish ancestry. 

Since the 'lowlander' Scottish are of mixed ancestry, many being influenced by mainland Europe, I just searched 'medieval shirt' (Which is a very broad term) and gave what came up a modern collar. 

Stronek here isn't wearing a truly 'traditional' kilt. As the article states, most kilts you'd see folks wearing today are not kilts the ancient highlanders would have worn. Not to mention Stronek's modern blazer. 
I'll upload some of my drawings in the format of the final design of the  official reference. The actual final references (that will be digitally colored and drawn) will include middle names. 
Enter: f175.3_m188.0_m190.5_m175.3_m172.7_m177.8

Into the section that says, size code' six-character height comparison in this link: (…) Then, click 'Apply Size Code'. 


BERYL: 5'9"

MAGEN: 6'2"

CALUM: 6'3"


BARION: 5'8"

RADAMES: 5'10"
Enter: f149.9_m180.3_f170.2_m167.6_m182.9_m195.6

Into the section that says, size code' six-character height comparison in this link: (…) Then, click 'Apply Size Code'. 


AILITH: 4'11"

SODIRO: 5'11"


RUBIUS: 5'6" 

CAESON: 6'0"