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Meanings of the Lanthanides' Chemical Symbols according to the internet


LA - Los Angeles

CE - Common Era

PR - Public Relations

ND - North Dakota

PM - Post Meridiem

SM - Statute Mile

EU - European Union

GD - Alternate way of writing 'God', Also 'G-d'

TB - Tubercle Bacillus

DY - Do You

HO - Hands-On

ER - Emergency Room

TM - Text Message

YB - Your Buddy, Yearbook

LU - Love You
I had this weird idea that Irvine was an olympic pole vaulter, because he claims it brings him closer to outer space. 
I had this weird idea that Irvine was an olympic pole vaulter, because he claims it brings him closer to outer space. 
NOTE: The 8th Photo, in the center, is a picture of the character.



(Hiawatha’s Belt, Symbol of Peace)………















(Black gunpowder)……………

I'm almost certain I've drawn all of the 118 existing elements at least once. Now for the colored versions and official references. XD 
MARINO BELMARES WATERS: Oh, me? I’m Greek and Italian, with a small bit of English and Mexican.

ANEMOS VENTER SAFFIR-SIMPSON: Welp, I’m Greek, Afghan, and English.

DANIAF AGNI TORCHINSKY: Well, since you asked… I’m  Norwegian, Indian, Aztec, but mostly Russian.  

EORDA TERRA RICHTER: Ah, yes. I’m German, Japanese, and South African predominantly, but there are traces of Ethiopian, Mongolian, Czech, Polish, and even Native American in my ancestry.
One of my main AUs, where the elements live in a Norse universe where the 9 worlds exist, and a certain life essential rules over each one (Iron is honorary).

Hiawatha - Asgard
Borik - Jotunheim
Cargan - Vanaheim
Natalia - Niefelheim
Oxli - Alfheim
Phonsia - Svartalfheim
Sulwyn - Muspellheim
Selene - Helheim
Irino - Midgard


Heavenly Bodies are also mentioned, and the Sun and Moon are most significant.

Heliodoros - Sun
Selene - Moon


Will add more later.
Quick! Before they discover Period 8 and the G-Block and all of the other elements beyond Oganesson! 

Here's a blank Periodic Table template: (…

And here's the website where I found it: (…)


What the Periodic Table could look like in the future: 

Thorin has Nyctophobia (…)

Plutarco has Heliophobia (Because Pluto's the god of  the underworld) 

So they can comfort each other. 

Better love story than Twilight. 
Gallium Nitride powers epic blue lasers. Yep. 

It's ironic that Carbon can pollute air and water, but can also purify water (activated charcoal) and purify air. 

Carbon's also in calligraphy ink, so now Cargan's friends with Osma. Maybe Osma is the reason Cargan knows Tungar?
Flurin has a teflon attitude, yet still rages. XD 

Fluorine is used in waterproofing; and likewise Flurin's not a fan of water.

Flurin's also a dentist, not much of a surprise.
Because this: (…
Why is this? The reason Borik always wears a giant coat and scarf is because Boron is often used to make artificial snow. 

Also, it's a sort-of reference to Boron's application in heat-resistant glass. Not really. Kind of. XD 
If Natalia, Borik, Yteria, and Mercurius fused, the created being would resemble Odin's appearance (or at least the Odin that shows up when I search his name in images), 
I find this interesting: (…)


Now it's like Sulwyn's Sutur and Natalia's a Niflungar or something. Because you know, Sulfur and Fire and Nitrogen and... Cold. 
Originally, Sigfrid was like her mother figure, and the Pnictogens (namely, Natalia) were like her aunt/uncle figures, and Moscovoy was like her younger brother/cousin. 

But now, I'm considering making Natalia and Arsenia as her maternal figure, Sigfrid her aunt, the rest of the Pnictogens (minus Moscovium) as her cousins once removed, and Moscovoy as her cousin. (Since Moscovoy's paternal figures are Antoine and Bishamon, and those two are technically Phonsia's uncles). 
As we know, in the PotT series, there are two prime universes. The Human Universe (HU) and Element Universe (EU). And, as we also know, there are two primary home planets. In the HU is Earth, the planet we live on. But I’ve spent a long time looking for a name for a name for the Homeland Earth (Where all of the canon PotT stories that occur in the EU take place) and one for the Database Earth (Where some of the non-canon/4th wall breaking/backstory PoT stories that occur in the EU take place).


NOTE: The three official languages of the Element Universe’s world are English, Arabic and Latin.


Here are my finalized decisions:


Homeland Earth - Donecmunium (from ‘Donec Mundi’, Chemical World. - Latin)

Capital City - Elementropolis (This is self-explanatory)


Alkali Metal Continent - Quentiumida (From ‘Quentiam Umida’, ‘Dank Meme’ - Latin)

Alkaline Earth Metal Continent - Ostendarminum (From ‘Carmina Ostende’, ‘Fireworks Show’ - Latin)

Transition Metal Continent - Imperatesta (From ‘Imperfectum Testa’, ‘Imperfect Shell’ - Latin)

Icosagen Continent - Virdiflama (From ‘Viridi Flamma’, ‘Green Flame’ - Latin)

Crystallogen Continent - Cibositum (From ‘Depositum Cibus’, ‘Nutrient Deposit’ - Latin)

Pnictogen Continent -  Minaxuprem (From ‘Minax Supremus’, ‘Menacingly Above’ - Latin)

Chalcogen Continent - Alamdol (From ‘Alam Dolor’, ‘Oxygen Squadron’ - Latin)

Halogen Continent - Salitoxus (From ‘Toxicus Salis’, ‘Toxic Salt’ - Latin)

Aerogen Continent - Luxiner (From ‘Iners Lux’, ‘Inert Light’ - Latin)

Lanthanide Continent - Fustrarum (From ‘Frustra Rarum’, ‘Useless Rarity’ - Latin)
Actinide Contient - Atermena (From ‘Ater Menace’, Malicious Menace - Latin)


Database Earth - Albaya (From ‘Albayanat’, ‘Database’ - Arabic)

Floating File Island Thingy - TBD
Copelyn is a Kalaripayattu practitioner (specifically, Northern Kalaripayattu). Copelyn has also had some experience with Southern and Center Kalaripayattu, but prefers actual weapons to hand-to-hand combat. She uses her weapons, namely, her Urumi, and even some historical weapons (i.e., the Hook Spear and Trident) and Paricha (shield) to annoy Rhodanta.

Rhodanta is an aspiring olympic fencer (specifically, a Saber fencer). Despite this, Rhodanta is skilled in Saber, Foil, Epee, and some non-olympic fencing swords like the rapier. She also has used French, German, Italian, and Spanish grips, though she prefers French. Rhodanta uses her Saber and Rapier, along with her Buckler (shield) to annoy Copelyn back.